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The Mint Jazz Club

if you're wondering what a girl like me is doing at the jazz club, I'm looking for the men with the music pouring out of their hearts and fingertips. The Mint did not disappoint. But seeing as this fabulous establishment opened in 1937, it surprisingly has a young crew. I don't mean to keep harping that it's like a page torn out of Lala Land, but jazz really is about the future. It's all around you. People who I assumed were merely guests to see the Doug MacDonald Trio, were actually there for the jam session. they picked up the piano, drums, and stand-up bass and all started falling in line to play with one another. some were seasoned vets, and others I wondered how they managed to pass the ID check into the bar. jazz transcends generations. It's a language in itself that connects people through music.

if you're down to clown, here are my tips: there is a $20 minimum per guest to be seated at a table or booth. if you're thinking about getting a cocktail, don't. The drinks were trash, unfortunately. but the garlic fries, nachos, and Caesar salad were pretty solid. street parking was plentiful. tickets for the show were about $10 after fees and seating was plenty. there isnt an enforced dress code but plan on dressing on the nicer side of casual. lots of men in button-ups and jeans with nice shoes. I didn't notice any other women in the audience but I wore a red slip dress, a cute lil cardigan, and moto boots and fit the bill perfectly. bathrooms were clean and full of posters and stickers for upcoming shows. the breaks between songs and sets provided just enough time to chat and enjoy the company of friends. on Sundays, there is a section after the sets that is a free jam session and anyone can get in on the fun. if you play an instrument, bring it along (Musicians get in free with an instrument after 9) for your chance to participate in the session.


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