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Flamingo Bar

This year started off with a bang for the Holiday Bar's second location the Flamingo Bar. Last weekend I checked out the newest bar to hit the Arts District. And heres my review: ITS PINKKKKKKKKK! Tasteful flamingo sconces, neon lights, checkerboard flooring, disco balls and airbrush palm trees makes the Flamingo Bar the perfect Vaporwave dream. The whole vibe is very reminiscent of that one episode in the Black Mirror where the 1980s lesbians meet and fall in love in the at a club.... you know the one. I ordered my go-to drink: a Paloma, it was perfect. The music was a mix of funk, old skool, cumbias, and 90s r&b. (If you've ever been to the Holiday, its the same DJs.) The Venue has a circular set up that makes the whole club a dance floor. Everyone and I mean everyone was jumpin' and groovin' on the dance floor, but if you get tired from shaking that thang theres booths along the walls to sit in. The bathrooms were gender neutral and pretty clean (slay). If you love to dance, love pink and love a good time warp this is the place for you.

If you're down to clown, heres my tips: Parking is a hit or miss (as the arts district is) so if you can, Uber there. There wasn't a sweat pant in sight, so dress up. lots of button downs, slacks, dress shoes, dresses, nice blouses and heels.

address: 1855 Industrial St, Los Angeles, CA 90021


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