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Welcome back lovers

Its been a year off the grid, and I decided to come back in a new way. If we haven't met yet, Hi I'm Sailor. I'm a twenty-something big heart born and raised in Los Angeles. I grew up in the mecca of arts, culture, fashion, and music. My childhood was spent in every art gallery, outside of every concert hall and theater I could wiggle my way into. I'm the gal in the front row of the show head banging to a song I've never heard of in my life. I'm the woman at the art gallery with balled up tissues and running mascara from being so moved by the artist's message. I'm the dancing queen under the disco ball at the newest club. I'm the guest star in your sitcom. I'm constantly itching to experience something new, to feel something major, to find meaningful connections in a sea of strangers. Get ready, this is your time to come along for the ride. This blog will serve as a public diary of sorts where you can read about all the art, music, and love I experience. You'll find write-ups, reviews, interviews, new music, thoughts and sentiments. welcome to Con Conchita.

till we meet on the dance floor, xo Sailor


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